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ArcheryBattle is an exciting, dynamic game based on a combination of paintball and dodgeball, enriched by the ancient art of archery. To play we use versatile bows, suitable for both right and left-handers and special arrows with a soft spot pompom tip. Each player is also equipped with a protective mask on his face and forearm protector. We play several different scenarios with its own specifics.
This great, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone. The game you never outgrow!

This program is in combination with Chateau Veltrusy castle's Park.

Included: English speaking guide, Special arrows with soft tip, Head protection, Forearm protectors, refreshment.
Tour lasts: 2,5 hrs cycling + 1,5 hrs archery
Price per combination: 62 € /person - min 6 pax

You can add:

HOT TUB - a special pool full of heated water used for relaxation and pleasure. It is a perfect way for both relaxing after the activities and having fun with friends! Our hot tub can accommodate 12 people at a time.
Price per group: 100 €

BBQ PARTY with plenty of delicious food and draught beer. The BBQ party will be ready for you straight after the active program. It is the best way how to end the entertaining day. The BBQ party can be incorporated after any program (rafting, bikes, archerybattle). The BBQ party takes about 1,5 - 2 hours.

Basic BBQ: Meat prepared on BBQ: 2x 200g (chicken meat, pork meat), vegetables salads: 120g, bread, beer / soft drink. Price per person: 14 €
Standard BBQ: Basic BBQ + tea , coffee, dessert. Price per person: 17 €
Full BBQ: Standard BBQ + 4 shots of typical Czech spirits. Price per person: 20 €